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Ma'anshan Comprehensive Passenger Terminal Hub
Expected trial run on December 28
In the morning of December 17th, the Maanshan Comprehensive Passenger Terminal Center project passed the acceptance check , which means that the project will be delivered for use. According to reports, if it goes well, it is expected that the terminal station will be commissioned on December 28th.
According to reports, the Ma'anshan Comprehensive Passenger Transport Center hub station project is one of the important supporting projects of the Ning'an high-speed railway Ma'an Shandong Station. Red line.
The project consists of two parts: the main station building and the parking lot of the passenger station . The main building has two floors above the ground; a mezzanine and a basement floor are partially set up.

The total construction area is 33,605 square meters, and the construction red line covers an area of 5,054 square meters. A total of 351 parking spaces, 219 above-ground parking spaces, and 132 underground parking spaces;