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A "Spring Festival Express Outage Notification" is circulating on the Internet
is this real? ? ?
Tell everyone here
These outage notices are fake 呦

Web transfer pictures

The pictures detail the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020
Dates of Express Delivery Discontinuations Around the Country
From this picture, starting from December 25 this year
Inner Mongolia Tibet Jilin
Waiting for express delivery to stop

From December 30
Xinjiang Gansu Ningxia
Waiting for express delivery to stop
As of January 7, 2020
Express delivery will be suspended in 27 provinces and cities nationwide
Search found
Recently, another picture has been circulating on the Internet.
"Notice of Express Delivery Suspension at the End of 2019"

Notification screenshot

China Post Corporation
Ma'anshan Branch Office Telephone

Staff said
The Maanshan Post Department provides normal courier services during the Spring Festival. The postal outlets in the 30th year of the New Year and the third day of the first month will shorten business hours. At the same time, staff will be arranged on duty to ensure that the courier service is safe and smooth during the Spring Festival.

Then called again
SF Express Yuantong Express
Customer Service Phone in Ma On Shan
Inquiry about “Are there any outage arrangements”
The customer service staff responded: "Dear, open all year round."

Actually, these outage notices
Mainly in the WeChat group of some purchasing agents and WeChat
Circulating in the circle of friends
Not an official channel from a courier company
So it can be determined
These circulated online
"National Express Shutdown Schedule" is fake
The truth is that during the Spring Festival in recent years
Major express delivery companies have opened non-stop mode

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