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To be honest, the phenomenon of licensed pharmacists' registration is not a day or two. It seems to have increased recently, but in fact it is not, it should always be so many. For example, if you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of information about licensed pharmacists seeking rent documents. Many publishers also attached photos of their IDs, hoping that the anchorage would be around the city where they are located. In addition to licensed pharmacists seeking rent, there are still many pharmacies on the Internet looking for posts and recruitment information for licensed pharmacists. The cost of listing is about 500 ~ 1000 yuan / month. A few days ago, I heard that the registration fee has increased. Some areas can provide 1500 ~ 2000 yuan / month, and do not need the quality manager. They only act as prescription auditors, but require inspections to be available on call. There is no local social security purchase. Wait.

From the perspective of cost-saving economics, licensed pharmacists are universal. Compared with full-time licensed pharmacists, the salary is 4,000 to 6,000 yuan / month (listed in the recruitment information). . For a licensed pharmacist, finding a job with the same income as a licensed pharmacist in a pharmacy and then hanging out the licensed pharmacist's certificate is much better than working as a licensed pharmacist full time in a pharmacy.

On the one hand, the salaries of licensed pharmacists are not high, and on the other hand, pharmacies want to save money. These two situations just happened, and the phenomenon of registration of licensed pharmacists naturally became more and more serious.

This year's CCTV 3.15 evening party exposed the "licensed" gray production industry, of which the medical and construction industries were the hardest hit areas. The State Food and Drug Administration requires that six months of drug pharmacist practising pharmacists' "license registration" behaviors across the country will be rectified. In response, the Anhui Provincial Drug Supervision Bureau stipulated that the drug supervision department will carry out a rectification of the "license" of licensed pharmacists of drug retail enterprises for a period of 6 months across the province .

As the state cracks down on licensing of licensed pharmacists, there will be more and more pharmaceutical companies similar to the above-mentioned internal investigation of licensed pharmacists. For a licensed pharmacist, although an additional income is issued for the certificate, it may not only face the risk of losing a job. If a problem occurs in a registered drug store, it is likely to be punished for not being allowed to engage in pharmaceutical work for ten years. It is really because of small mistakes.

In this way, half of the practising pharmacist exams, right?

What's more, the building and water conservancy certificates are hanging, and the building fire protection is also hanging. . . If you do n’t let it hang, you wo n’t be able to charge the exam fee in the future.
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