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[Wanjiang Development]
Welcome to the "Anhui Development" section of the Ma On Shan OK Forum. Please read this edition carefully
(1) You are welcome to post actively and communicate actively. No matter what you are, what age you are, and where you are, as long as you are concerned about the development of the poetic city, you can talk to everyone here, and mainly explore and communicate about the city. This edition can focus on the following topics for discussion and communication, such as "urban planning", "economic development", "industrial structure", "investment attraction", "commercial layout", "public transportation", "science, education, culture, health" , "People's livelihood projects", "social security", "environmental protection" and other topics and content related to the word "development".
(2) Rational communication and civilized posting. Moderators have the right to clean up verbal abuse, publish advertisements, and spread rumors, and give warnings or prohibitions to offending users. At the same time, when you have different opinions, you can maintain a neutral attitude or retain your views. You can also re-post your different voices and make clear explanations for everyone to communicate and learn. Do not fight in the post to cause conflict and Displeased. If there is illegal content in the post, the poster must bear all possible legal consequences, regardless of the forum.
(3) The stones of other mountains can attack jade. Here you can brainstorm and talk about our city as the east gate of Anhui Province, the core city of the Nanjing metropolitan area, and the only national civilized city in the central region. This honor has been won for three consecutive years. These honors will be valuable for the people of the city power! How to be a leader in development? How to contribute to cooperation or exchange with other fraternal cities in the Wanjiang region and cities in the "Yangtze River Delta / Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou" region or even a larger area? The content of these aspects can be explored by friends from different angles. At the same time, the development of other neighboring cities in development and worthy of learning can also be analyzed in conjunction with the actual situation of our city, which can supplement their original views and suggestions.
(4) Promote originality and oppose plagiarism: Moderators have the right to delete or move posts without notice to the author if they find purely reprinted posts. However, some current affairs news needs to be reprinted, and the source should be noted, and your understanding and views on the incident should be emphasized. More than half of the posts reproduced in the article are considered meaningless, and it is recommended to send a "web reprint" section. At the same time, everyone is welcome to insert original pictures while posting and communicating. It is not required to be a professional photographic work, but you can use your mobile phone or camera to record every bit of urban life and verify every step of urban development. Encourage original, substantive, constructive and informative posts.
(5) Everyone loves their hometown, everyone praises their hometown, but in the face of uneven development, please pay attention to your mentality, and have obvious regional bias, discrimination, logical confusion and expression in the post. Unclear or other posts that may cause adverse effects and consequences will be deleted or closed by the moderators of this edition.
(5) Encouragement of bonus points: OK coins are automatically issued by the system as reply rewards, and moderators will also appropriately encourage netizens who reply seriously, while business alliance points and prestige are added to original opinion holders or the reply is very serious The authors, such as those who share the same text, or put forward multiple supplementary views based on the article. Charm points are scores made by netizens at or above the level of senior members. Moderators do not participate, and they aim to actively communicate and help each other.
(6) Evaluation of essential posts: they must be original, positive content, articles with text and pictures, clear and fluent thinking, full and full of perspectives ~ people can understand and improve and expand the knowledge of a certain aspect by reading this post There is greater confidence and hope for the development of the city.
(7) Please do not publish any personal group or WeChat public account other than the official QQ group of the Maanshan OK Forum, otherwise it will be regarded as an advertising act. Once found, the moderator will delete the speech or prohibit the speech. Please be sure to abide by the entire site. Edition rules. Please refer to the contents of the "Maanshan OK Forum General Edition Regulations" for the outstanding matters.
(8) Please use simplified Chinese characters for communication. Do n’t be vulgar if you are a civilized citizen. Posts with pure expressions and symbols are considered as irrigation content and will be penalized.
Moderators and administrators reserve the right to modify and interpret the above edition rules. If you have any questions or suggestions, netizens are welcome to contact the moderators or administrators via SMS on the site, or post messages in the management office so that we can improve it better. Thank you for your support and cooperation! I wish every enthusiastic and good citizen who comes to this forum frequently and is devoted to the development of his hometown poetry city, healthy and happy every day.
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