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Activities in the same city

The city-to-Hanshan, Hexian public transport line is officially operational from New Year's Day

In order to further accelerate the coordinated development of the cross-strait integration, and meet the travel needs of the people, starting on December 26

Spring Festival Express stop schedule brush screen? Express companies reply!

A "Chinese New Year Express Shutdown Notice" has been circulating on the Internet these days. Is this true? ? ? Tell everyone about these outages

Publicity! The county of Ma'anshan was selected into the national font list again!

According to the website information of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, on the 14th, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the "List of the Third National Models of Ecological Civilization Construction

Rankings of Ma'anshan's most attractive foreign counties in 2019

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up to date! Ma'anshan 3 A-class general airport construction schedule is here
"Layout of General Airports in Anhui Province (2019-2035)" was officially issued. The "Planning" proposes that according to the spatial layout of the "One Circle and Five Districts" of our province and the "Plan of Anhui Province's Urban System (2011-2030)", our province plans to build five general airport groups. [detailed]
Updated foggy road conditions! Maanshan high-speed traffic control
At present, due to the impact of foggy weather, the G4211 Ningwu Expressway Ma'anshan Section, the G4221 Huwu Expressway Ma'anshan Section, and the S22 Tiantian Expressway Mama Section, the visibility is less than 50 meters, and the first-level traffic control is implemented .
Maanshan Mobile officially launches 5G + network commercialization
On the morning of December 26, China Mobile's 5G + Maanshan official commercial and gigabit broadband launch conference was grandly held at Maanshan Mobile. The conference announced the official commercialization of Maanshan Mobile 5G +, marking Maanshan as the third 5G + in Anhui Province after Hefei and Wuhu. Gigabit Broadband Commercial City. [detailed]
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